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Burgener Clean Warmup

8 minutes to set up/ warm up for

Cleans and Bench Press

Metcon (Time)

Minutes 0-24:

Metcon (Weight)

Every 4 minutes x 6 rounds:

3 Power Cleans (Climbing)

3 Bench Press (Climbing)

500 meters Row (90%+ effort)

Minutes 24-30

Clean up equipment
Score is slowest row 😉

Put max Power Clean and bench press in comments.

Try and really smash that row or it’s going to feel like a really long rest break.

Start at about 70% effort and build.

DO NOT start super light, unless working on technique 🙂

Metcon (Time)

Minutes 30-42

Get as far as possible:

For Time and Quality:


Strict Pull-Ups

Strict HSPUs
If you need to scale, try one of these options:

1.) kipping one of them or both of them.

2.) 10 rounds of 3 and 3 or a doable #

3.) Advanced option. Try a vest or a HSPU deficit.

4) Do hand release pushups and banded pullups/ ring rows 🙂

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