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Alright everyone, today marks the end of my 12-week cut. Got my in-body scan done first thing this morning and I am extremely happy with the results.

*Progress picture is Day 1, Week 6 (end of Reset challenge), Week 12

I normally eat pretty clean throughout the year but during the fall/holiday months I do like to enjoy myself a bit and like to give myself a mental break from strict macro counting. The good thing is that I am able to get my strength numbers up during those bulking months.

The New Year is pretty much everyone’s time for a fresh start. I took advantage of the 201 Reset Challenge to get my year started in the right direction.

Stacey and I came up with a plan for me to shed some fat while maintaining strength. We executed the game plan perfectly by lowering my macros each week very, very slowly.

The first three weeks were a tiny bit frustrating because I was spot on with my macros but I wasn’t losing any weight. I just kept reminding myself that it wasn’t going to happen overnight especially since my macros were still relatively high. Luckily I was able to see results from my progress pictures and it goes to show that we shouldn’t solely rely on what the number on the scale is telling us.

Throughout the first six weeks everything was going super well. Macros were on point, I was averaging about 800g of veggies a day, I was hitting strength PRs left and right, and winning the Ocean Crossfit Winter Wipeout competition with Stacey was the cherry on top.

The 6 week nutrition challenge ended and to be honest, the first six weeks were a breeze because I was eating like I normally would and my deficit wasn’t anything too extreme yet.

Next came the real challenge, the last six weeks of the cut, more so the final three weeks. When my training volume is up my maintenance calories are in the 3,000-3,400 range. At this point in the cut my calories were around 2,100 and 2,000 in the final week. This was brutal and the cravings were real.

My biggest focus these last few weeks were getting my carbs in before, during, and after training that way I could have enough energy to get me through those tough but awesome 201 workouts and to make sure that I was recovering so I could keep my intensity high the next day.

In order to stay somewhat sane, I upped my veggie intake to well over 1,000g a day because the higher volume of food was able to keep me feeling full.

With all of that being said here are some numbers:
Starting Weight: 179.3lbs. Final Weight: 164.6lbs
Starting Muscle Mass: 84.9lbs. Final Muscle Mass: 84.9lbs
Starting BodyFat Mass: 31.2lbs. Final BodyFat Mass: 16.2lbs
Starting BodyFat %: 17.3%. Final BodyFat %: 9.9%

The biggest takeaway from all of that is I was able to maintain my muscle mass while losing 15lbs of fat.

Some closing comments….

The biggest thing that I’ve learned from this and from the past is that consistency is everything.

Was my diet absolutely perfect the entire twelve weeks? Not at all. There were a handful of times throughout the cut where I needed and without a doubt had a “cheat” or “refeed” day/meal. Yeah my weight was up a few pounds the next day but it was just water weight and I knew it would flush out just days later.

I made sure to get right back on track the next day after the cheat/refeed day and it helped me stay consistent throughout the entire cut.

I’ll keep this part short but just know that my alcohol consumption was extremely minimal throughout. Started with “dry January”, had a few margaritas after winning the competition, and I think one other day/night with a beer or glass of wine. Not much of a drinker anymore anyways considering I absolutely destroyed my liver in college, but cutting out alcohol definitely helped speed up the results I was looking for.

Sorry for the long post but I figured I’d share my experience with all of you (especially to those who are currently working with Stacey on nutrition or plan to in the future) since there’s really nothing else to do during this quarantine.

HUGE thank you to Stacey for helping me execute our game plan perfectly and for the guidance throughout the twelve weeks. I’m looking forward to the reverse diet back to maintenance and getting allllll of the food back. Also looking forward to taking my training to another level with the higher calories ?

OH and if anyone was wondering… you bet your sweet ass I treated myself to some incredible doughnuts post-training. And I’ll be capping the night off with a thickkkkk bacon blue cheese burger for dinner WITH french fries.

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