Paul: Spartan Racer, CrossFitter, Endurance Athlete and 21 pounds lighter with MORE food.

Paul is a fitness enthusiast! He loves CrossFit, Spartan races, and all types of endurance events. He came to me with the goal of fat loss to help him perform better, recover faster, and feel lighter. After an in depth look at his current diet, I saw that he was severely underrating for his activity level, as most people do. I started him with more than double the amount of food that he was used to.. and ALL THE CARBS!

12 weeks later, he is down by 21 pounds of body fat, performing better, feeling better, and setting new PR’s! Most importantly, he is nourishing his body with the appropriate amount of food, to keep his gains and keep burning the fat off.

The best part, is that he now has a better understanding of the amount of food his body requires to perform and recover well. Most people who come to me for nutrition help are already under eating and are frustrated as to why they cannot lose any weight.

If you keep your body in a deficit for such an extended amount of time, you start to mess with your metabolism. Your body starts to store fat. You become more fatigued, bloated, and plateau! You start cutting your food intake more and more, and your body just stops responding.

I’m not telling you to start eating everything in sight to lose weight. What you do need is to understand what your body actually burns on a daily basis (your BMR – base metabolic rate) and account for all the workouts you do.

When you’re sick, you go to the doctor. When you need a haircut, you go to the barber/ salon. When you tooth hurts, you go to the dentist. When you need nutrition help, why not seek out professional advice from a certified nutritionist?

How training at CrossFit 201 impacted your fitness physically, mentally, and emotionally?  

As most that do CrossFit will tell you, it’s addicting!  So it really drives you to get to the gym and have those friendly competitions with other members or yourself and it makes you better. I tend to be more patient around the house and more pleased with myself when I get my workout in. 

How has your training at CrossFit 201 enhanced the quality of your life outside of the gym?  

I’m active with Spartan races so the skills I carry over are fantastic. But focusing on health and fitness just makes the brain happy.  Being on the 12 week program got me back into focus and where I want to be and will keep me going longer. 

What can you now do that you couldn’t do when you first started?  Hmmmm. That’s tough. Still can’t do a MU. Lol. But I am pretty damn good at pistols and DU’s and I ropelimb  like a spider monkey, which surprisingly a lot of people have difficulty doing. While I may never DL 500# I don’t care. Something I do now is worry about Paul. Not where I stand on the whiteboard. Makes a huge difference when you are happy with what you can do well. 

Can you share a little bit of your story and how fitness became a part of your life?

 I love the strength aspect of Cirque du Soleil and about 5 years back, I started to look into gymnastics programs. Apparently, plenty of instruction out there for 13 year old girls. 40 year old men…not so much. While in OBX one year, I stumbled into a CrossFit gym and wondered WTF is a Turkish getup was (first WOD) and never looked back. 

What motivated you to start and what keeps you coming back?  

It was fun and zero repetition and I couldn’t wait to see what tomorrow brought.  It’s an hour of the day where it’s just you. I get hyper focused and if work or something is bugging me, a 53# KB overhead makes it tough to worry about anything but getting through the WOD. 

What pieces of inspiration can you share with other people to inspire them to make a positive change in their lives?  

Do the best you can and be happy in the accomplishments of others. 201 has a friggen CrossFit Regional athlete!  Rarified air indeed. But she gets just as excited to see me hit a PR or finish a WOD under the time cap.  She is a killer but within the gym, she is one of us.  Life is short so stop worrying about other people.  Be the best that you can be a surround yourself with positive folks. 

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