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CrossFit 201 – CrossFit

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Hip Mobility

2 Rounds

1:00 machine

:30 Wall Sit (heel drive focus!)

15 Air Squats to Med Ball

10 Med Ball Cleans


Back Squat (Week 1 of 4)

Complete a few warm up sets, and then:

65% x 5

75% x 5

85% x max reps

* In between sets, complete a 1 minute. Plank Hold (on your hands) with a 45/25 lb plate on your back. If you squat correctly, you should feel the fatigue from this in your actual squats. That’s a good thing don’t worry 🙂

Back Squat (85% x max reps)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

15 minutes AMRAP:

10 Cal Row

10 Wall Balls 30/20

2 Squat Cleans at 50% of 1 rep max
*Every 2 Rounds add 5% to the bar.

*So it goes like this:

– Round 1 and 2 is 50%

– Round 3 and 4 is 55%

– Round 5 and 6 is 60%… and so on…

*Scaled is 135/95 the entire time.

*If you actually start putting your scores in Wodify, you will know all of these percentages when you sign in.

Just saying. (insert shrugged shoulders emoji lol)

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