My wife and I are the proud new owners of CrossFit 201 and we are excited to be here!

I was born with clubfoot and had surgery immediately which entailed removing a large portion of my Achilles tendon and left me in a cast for the first months of my life. This didn’t bode well for strength or flexibility in my left leg but that didn’t stop me. While growing up, I was outside constantly playing whatever sport I could, organized, or just for the sake of playing.  Street-hockey, football, and baseball were my favorites until the summer hit, where it became all about surfing in LBI. I entered Bergen Catholic in 1998 and was introduced to the amazing sport of lacrosse which I immediately fell in love with.

Unfortunately, after high school and college, I, like many others have most certainly experienced, quickly became tired from the boredom that came with the monotonous “daily workout”. The lack of fun and enjoyment led me to eventually stop working out all together, that is until my wife Stacey got into CrossFit. After taking a few classes, I was hooked and I haven’t looked back since. CrossFit didn’t just get me back into “working out” again, it made “working out” an enjoyable can’t-miss experience.

It’s about community here at CrossFit 201 and everyone is eager to help, whether it be a coach or a fellow athlete, no matter your skill level. I am fairly new to CrossFit and I am happy to say I’m improving in every class with the help of the “201 Family” around me.

It doesn’t matter what physical challenges you may have or think you have. CrossFit has taught me to scale down weight in workouts and even substitute out entire movements with something else, all while getting an amazing workout AND experience at the same time!

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