Marianna P. – Consistency Breeds Results!

Marianna P. participated in our 6 week Winter Reset Challenge. This is the exact jump start she needed to push her in the right direction. The group support, the accountability, and a well planned out meal plan by Coach Stacey helped her break free from old habits.

She lost over 10 pounds in 6 weeks.. but what kind of weight did she lose?We did an In Body scan before an after the challenge. As you know, it’s very easy to lose water weight. We were trying to lose fat, and gain muscle, for that “lean and toned” look. 5% body fat lost and 1.5 pounds of muscle gained!!!

The way you approach a “diet” is very important. The main goal in dieting is to lose body fat. I want to lose “weight” means nothing. Weight is muscle, bone, water, and fat. We want to make sure we’re losing the right kind of weight. So we need to be eating enough of the right foods. The Reset Challenge made it easy with our custom meal plans and macros.

Here’s Marianna on her journey:

I’ve gone through some inconsistent phases since starting at 201. I dabbled here and there for too long. But I officially dialed in this past December and I’m so glad I did.

Dabbling wasn’t something I was proud of, my nutrition was poor and it wasn’t giving me results. Something just clicked and I became committed. I think I’m averaging a minimum of 5 days a week – 201 has honestly become a 2nd home. Lately, if I’m not at the gym I’m playing in our co-ed Volleyball league or taking a recovery day.

I’m blown away by it all…the weight/fat loss, muscle gain and my new strength week after week. How I feel in my clothes these days is a feeling I can’t explain.

Apparently I walk around differently. I definitely have a new glow and exude more confidence. And there’s nothing like a more visible and chiseled jaw line. 😉 It’s amazing what can happen when you decide to just keep showing up. 

I don’t half ass my loved ones (and cats) and I don’t half ass my career…I shouldn’t half ass my health. Staying on track and committed absolutely helps when you have a second person who shares in the same goals; they help hold you accountable.

Having that support and encouragement is important. But I also owe it to self-discipline, the right mindset/positive self talk and having an overall great attitude towards your well-being. I try to make a concious decision every day to make smarter choices, create better habits and invest in myself because I’m grateful I have the ability to work out. It’s truly a gift and an opportunity that not everyone has. I also remind myself that it’s 1 hour to be completely selfish and it’s the 1 hour I owe to myself to “fully send it” and stay a bad ass. 

Some other tips for staying on track and committed that have worked for me:

  • write down your short term and long term goals (maybe it a specific outfit or pair of jeans you want to feel amazing in or a deadlift goal),
  • food prep is a game changer (thank you hubs)
  • get involved in the nutritional reset challenges at the gym. Ultimately, I’m learning it’s a lifestyle, not a quick fix…
  • have a healthy balance, everything in moderation and make sure to celebrate the small wins. 

Joining 201 is without a doubt one of the best decisions I’ve made in my 30s. Growing up as an athlete, I’ve loved lifting, sports and anything involving a team or a group class setting.  This is the closest feeling you will get to reliving those glory days. Remember how fearless we were back then with trying new things? Don’t lose that side of you. It’s better to try and know then to never know at all. 

Be bold. Pop in, sign a waiver and look for the girl trying to do Math in her head…the girl who still uses her Iphone to calculate the weight she has on the bar with zero shame. She will greet you with a smile and assure you we all started somewhere!

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