Laurie: Starting CrossFit and Being Well Fueled!

Just 12 weeks apart… and this is only the beginning!

I loved working with Laurie. I coached her on nutrition for a short 12 weeks. During this time, we worked on having her eat more! Enough to fuel her body for the workouts she’s doing and her busy lifestyle. She just started CrossFit in November and is absolutely in LOVE with its effective, challenging, but super fun workouts.

Most women who come to me are already under eating. And everyone’s goal is always fat loss… look lean and toned… not get bulky.. see visible abs.. defined legs etc etc. I know, I know 🙂

I have to reassure most women that you won’t get bulky from lifting weights. Lifting heavier weights is actually one of the best things you can do for your body!! You WILL build muscle – lean muscle – the kind that makes you look lean and toned. But you have to make sure you’re also eating enough of the right foods so that you’re actually recovering and allowing your body to function at its capacity. Our bodies are amazing, you just need to feed them well!

We are brainwashed as a society, to eat less! We see some results with cutting calories.. so what do we do.. we cut even more! We add in more workouts.. and cut calories even more. Most women are eating way below where they should be. Yes, cutting calories for a short amount of time will make you lose some weight (fat).. but extend it past a few months, and you go into what’s called metabolic adaption! You basically down regulate your metabolism and hormones, and become accustomed to living in such low calories.

As your body becomes accustomed to this low calorie life, it becomes harder and harder to lose fat… literally most women’s goals! So then what happens? They cut even more calories.. after a while, the body stops responding to this. You can be eating the cleanest most organic food, weighing and measuring every last morsel, doing every sculpting and burning workout out there.. yet you’ll start seeing worse and worse body composition.. and start feeling like hot garbage!

Why? Because you’re down regulating all your body functions!!

We need to be eating enough for the most part of the year. A “cut” or caloric deficit should be limited to 4-12 weeks once a year. Twice a year if you do have a lot to lose. The rest of the time you need to be living in maintenance. For most women that’s way over 2,000 calories!

A caloric deficit (aka diet) can only be administered if you’re already eating enough, and your body feels SAFE to start cutting fat.

This is why most women can’t lose weight. They have to go through a period of time of healing their bodies. It can take a few months.. or a few years. But you HAVE to be healthy (metabolism and hormone function) before you EARN your right to diet.

I’ve worked with so many women, where we spend the first few months, maybe even the first year just fixing their health. Upping their calories back where they should be. Allowing your hormones to get back to a healthy place. And while we up the calories, positive body composition changes take place AND you feel better energy, moods, sleep, sex drive.. everything!!

What are you doing differently with your exercise? (since starting at 201). 
CF movements are so different and more challenging than anything I’ve done before. The coaches consistently correct my form and push me to lift heavier. It is completely transforming my body. 

After the new year I started one on one nutrition with Stacey. Believe it or not, the thing I changed is eating more! Stacey taught me that I wasn’t properly fueling my body for the workouts I was doing. Even at my lowest cut week, I was still eating more than I used to.

What physical changes surprised you the most?
 How big of a difference I’ve seen visually (loss of inches and muscle definition), while only losing 8lbs. 

How do you stay on track and committed? 
My weekly check-ins with Stacey held me accountable. However, I didn’t always stay on track during my 12 weeks- I enjoyed a few cheats here and there, which I needed. Knowing I could enjoy the occasional treat without it hindering my overall results, kept me going. 

Any advice for someone who wants to start out? 
Don’t hesitate, just start! Stacey is such an amazing resource and so supportive. 
“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

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