Keith: 32 Pounds Down and Addicted to Feeling Good!

Keith down by 32 pounds in 4 months

I was so excited when Keith asked me about one on one nutrition coaching. I really wanted to help him. He told me – he would be “my best student,” and he really was. It did take him a few months to start up, and when he gave me the go – 2 days before Christmas, I knew he was serious.

We took it really slow with Keith, to establish good habits and consistency. I started him with WAY more than he was currently eating. He was averaging about 2,300 calories, I started him with 2,800 calories. Seems counterintuitive – as we’re so used to thinking less is better, but that is not always the case. 2,800 calories was still below his estimated maintenance… BUT it gave him the room to fit in all the foods he likes and be satisfied after meals – so there are no cravings as there normally are when you’re not eating enough.

I wanted to bring him to a good starting point, a good base. Raise his metabolism back up to where it should be before making any cuts. He was losing weight even with the increase, as I expected.

Only when we saw great consistency, did I start making tiny cuts – maybe 50 calories a week. We saw great progress week to week and he wasn’t hungry, which is always helpful. Hunger only came up the last few weeks when we were at the lowest part of the cut.

Once we saw that there was a “plateau,” I started to reverse him back to maintenance – meaning raising his calories back up. And he’s still losing weight, even on the reverse ūüôā

The goal of a reverse is to raise your metabolism back to normal by slowly reintroducing food. The fact that he is still losing weight goes to show that his metabolism is increasing at a faster rate than the calories I’m adding weekly – which is great!

This is the best way to approach a diet – in cycles. Alternating between periods of cutting, reversing, and maintaining. You have to give your body a break so you can keep seeing results.

Here’s Keith with his experience so far:

“I have always been a yoyo kind of eater. Also a bad stress eater, which many of us are.  I have had some pretty good success once I set my mind to things in the past but really appreciate how educated Stacey made me for the first time in my life about food. 

I mentioned wanting do macros with her for about 2 months before having the mindset to finally get started on Dec 23rd 2019. 

Stacey suggested that I wait until after the holidays, but I was about one more ricotta cookie or pineapple cake away from not being able to button my pants.  LOL  Not that your Mom’s holiday cookies and cakes are something you can’t have once in a while,  as they are made with love.

You just have to learn to Plan,Plan,Plan‚Ķ.. Fit them into what Stacey refers to as “Food Tetris”

¬†For me counting macros became such a game against myself. One that I refused to lose.¬† I tracked everything (even when I had some tough days) and soon learned that a bad day, ¬†is just that.¬† It’s one day.¬† But if you commit to doing what is right for the other 6 to 6 1/2 days and for the long term, ¬†the science works.

Besides the scale (which I always obsess about too much) so many things have improved.  My focus at work, my sleep along with my WOD’s in the garage. I believe it has also helped me deal with the stresses of what we are all going through during this pandemic.

Also my overall attitude has changed.¬†If any of you know me I surely¬†don’t need to talk more. LOL But I found myself talking about healthy eating probably more than most people that are close to me could handle.¬†

I had some struggles for sure during my 16 week cut but realized with Stacey’s guidance how incredible it made me feel pretty quickly.  I then finally got addicted to feeling good.  Especially when I had my cheat meals , usually on a Saturday. 

I am now doing a reverse diet for the last few weeks and it feels great.  I am eating more.  Much more,  and amazingly the scale keeps dropping. 

I can’t thank Stacey enough for her patience and guidance especially in the beginning when I was driving her crazy everyday with questions.  Now I have really been educated and healthy eating has become second nature.

Thank you thank you.”

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