Jeff: Increasing strength and performance while losing fat!

What are you doing differently with your exercise? (Since starting at 201)

As someone who has implemented weight, speed and agility, and Olympic training since a teenager I felt that I was very well versed in most of the movements associated with CrossFit and quite honestly was highly skeptical of the whole CrossFit paradigm.

However, since starting at 201 in August 2018 (shout out to Marianna for forcing me to go) I realized that my pre-conceived opinion was nothing less than complete and utter nonsense. Not only have my eyes been open to the true reality of what CrossFit provides, but I find myself humbled after each WOD…reinforcing that there is always room for learning and improvement.

Although my history with lifting (specifically Olympic/power) provided me with a solid foundation, the design of the ever changing WOD never lets my body get comfortable (as it would if performing a standard 6-8 week gym regiment).  CrossFit has not only exposed my many weaknesses, but also made it mandatory to step outside my comfort zone and address them (i.e gymnastics, cardio, mobility, endurance)…and for that I will be forever grateful.

What are you doing differently with your nutrition?

Nutrition has always been a difficult behavior to changes because I had always seemed to be able to eat whatever I wanted yet continue to maintain my physique…until I hit my 30’s! Since entering the dirty 30’s I have dallied with multiple eating lifestyles such as: Paleo, Whole30, Juicing, Vegan, and Keto.

                The 201 Nutrition Reset Program developed by Coach Stacey provided the most significant and visible changes. I had tracked my food in the past however she provided detailed breakdowns of the macronutrients specific to me. She also explained the importance of proper percentages to meet my goals and that understanding provided security for the anticipated results.

                Since finishing the program I continue to be aware of what I’m eating, food prep (as best as I can), search for different recipes to keep my kitchen and taste buds excited, and have a greater appreciation for nutrition in general.

Q: What physical changes surprised you the most? (Weight loss, muscle gain, visible changes, etc.)

                The most surprising change for me would be the increase in strength while also losing weight. I lost 20 pounds from December 31, 2019 (231lbs) through February 28, 2020 (211lbs). There were visible differences in my “back fat” according to Marianna and it showed with a significant reduction in body fat and visceral fat percentage. 

Q: How do you stay on track and committed?

               There are a few essentials for me personally: Marianna’s support, proper planning, previous results, and goal setting. I have an amazing wife who is with me every step of the way and helps me stay accountable. 

We make our best attempt to stay regimented in regards to meals and workouts, although work and other aspects of life sometimes interfere.

Keeping our refrigerator stocked and limiting the temptations of unnecessary treats also play a large role in maintaining accountability.

The physical changes that I’ve experienced as well as the unseen energetic and mental improvements I’ve encountered make it simple to stay on track and committed. Lastly, setting goals and continuing to challenge myself are essential to continued motivation.

Q: Any advice for someone who wants to start out?

ABSOLUTELY DO IT! It won’t be easy but it will be rewarding. You will improve not only physically (strength, endurance, and physique) but also mentally as you will be challenging yourself to be better than you were yesterday. Every WOD is a challenge designed to push you physically and mentally. Start slow, learn the movements, understand your limitations, and you will exceed them in no time.

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