Friday Sweat

CrossFit 201 – Sweat!

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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

15 minutes AMRAP:

DB Bench Press to failure (45/25s)

immediately into;

Double DB Bent Over Rows to failure (45/25s)

immediately into;

12/9 cal bike

Rest 3 minutes

15 minutes EMOM:

Min. 1) 15 Plate Sit-Ups 35/25 lb

Min. 2) 15 Push-Ups

Min. 3) 12/9 Cal Ski or Row

*May be able to add a few reps to #2

Rest 2 minutes

Metcon (Time)

100 DB Russian Twists For Time 25/15 lb DB

*Left+Right = 1 rep

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