Danielle Aguilera

I walked into my first CrossFit gym as a very out of shape, binge eating, under eating athlete with little knowledge about weights. I had played other sports growing up, such as swimming, horseback riding, and Muay Thai, but never did anything with weights. All I remember my first day is everyone lifting these metal bars that they would drop and make a loud clang! Was I intimidated? Big time. Was I going to give up? Absolutely not. I stuck with it and fell in love!

I have met so many amazing individuals that have helped me progress not only with weights but with my nutrition and continue to do so. CrossFit helped me learn how to properly nourish my body and finally leave binge eating behind. I saw muscle on my body I never thought I’d have. I saw myself doing things I never thought I’d be able to do! It’s a constant competition against yourself – how can I keep improving? It transformed me as an athlete but also as a person.

What I love most about CrossFit is it’s amazing community. The second I walked into CrossFit 201 I felt so welcomed by Stacey, the coaches, and the members. Everyone likes to workout hard but have fun while doing it. We cheer each other on, we take the time to get to know each other, it truly is a family. I am ecstatic and so grateful to be a part of the 201 team! I can’t wait to share my knowledge with others but also learn from them and continue growing as a person and athlete!

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