Brett C: Be Better Than Yesterday

What are you doing differently with your exercise?

One of the things I’ve done differently since joining 201 has been changing my programming, as well as my training split.  Before 201, I was going with the traditional training split of working one body part each day with some light cardio thrown in when I felt like it. 

When I joined first joined 201 I quickly noticed that we get a complete total body workout each day.  Of course there are days that tend to hit specific areas of the body more than others, but overall it’s a great full body workout. 

During each movement and workout, coaches are always watching and correcting form as you go to make sure you are moving correctly through your current range of motion.  This style of workout has made a huge improvement to my day-to-day activities outside of the gym.

What about nutrition?

Nutrition is another one of the biggest changes I made since joining 201.  My wife and I are both educators and we have a toddler at home.  There have been plenty of times we have chosen convenience over quality like many people often do. 

Even without the greatest diet, I was still able to lose a good amount of weight on my own, but I hit a plateau so I worked with Stacey one on one.  She took a much closer look at my calorie intake, as well as my macro split.  Together we found out what achieved the best results and I was able to lean out another 12 pounds. 

I found the science behind it all to be the most fascinating.  I’ve continued eating more home cooked, nutrient dense meals everyday and also began planning them around my training sessions.  I could feel how nutrition had a direct impact on my workouts.

What physical changes surprised you the most?

At first, the increase in the amount of energy I had each day was the most surprising, but as time went on, I started to see the way my clothing fit change too.  Slowly there was extra room in all of my clothing and everything became too loose and baggy. 

I ended up needing to buy all new clothes!  One day I was flipping through old photos and couldn’t believe the progress that I had made. 

How do you stay on track and committed?

To stay on track and committed to reinforcing a good diet, my wife and I made lifestyle changes to better fit our busy lifestyle.  I spend a small amount of time every Sunday morning, now my typical recovery day, to plan and prepare our meals for the week. 

I pretty much prepare lunch and dinner for Monday through Friday, as it is one less thing to worry about every day.  I tend to be an early riser so I always make a nice breakfast before leaving the house.

I also realize that we are all human and slip up from time to time.  We all need to take time to relax, step back and enjoy life. I don’t worry too much about the days I know aren’t perfect.  I just get right on track the next day.  I believe I’ve found a great balance while still being able to hit my fitness and nutrition goals.  

Any advice for someone who wants to start out?

Don’t be afraid to come in for a drop in.  Just walk through the squeaky door and let’s start moving together!   I know it can be intimidating for new members, especially working out with athletes that have been doing this for years, but we’ve all been where you are and had our “day 1”. 

Even as a current coach at 201, I still joke about my day 1 like it was yesterday.  I remember it very clearly and so does Stacey!  I think you will be amazed at what you are able to achieve in the right community. 

Regardless of your current abilities or individual goals, we can all work towards the same thing together: Being better than yesterday.

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