Michelle V. Down by 40 Pounds; Up in Confidence!

Michelle is my sister, and when she came to me for help, I was so excited to work with her. Not to just transform her body and help her accomplish her goals, but to have her learn the daily habits and disciplines that I live

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Josh: Eating and Training Like an Athlete.

Josh joined our gym in November 2019. He was already very strong and fit, but was looking for something more, a change of pace. From the very first few classes, he was hooked! He had a very good understanding of most of the basic lifts,

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Podcast: Episode One

This podcast is loaded with women’s health, hormones, hormonal birth control, nutrition, and dieting.Many of us feel like we’re doing everything right, yet can’t get the body composition we want.  Tune in to find out why!

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Laurie: Starting CrossFit and Being Well Fueled!

I loved working with Laurie. I coached her on nutrition for a short 12 weeks. During this time, we worked on having her eat more! Enough to fuel her body for the workouts she’s doing and her busy lifestyle. She just started CrossFit in November

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Steven M: Aesthetics and Performance

Alright everyone, today marks the end of my 12-week cut. Got my in-body scan done first thing this morning and I am extremely happy with the results. I normally eat pretty clean throughout the year but during the fall/holiday months I do like to enjoy

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Jeff: Increasing strength and performance while losing fat!

What are you doing differently with your exercise? (Since starting at 201) As someone who has implemented weight, speed and agility, and Olympic training since a teenager I felt that I was very well versed in most of the movements associated with CrossFit and quite

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Amanda: Consistency over time

What are you doing differently with your exercise? (since starting at 201) Before I started CrossFit, I did your typical elliptical routine day in and day out. I was a competitive swimmer back in high school and had never done any type of weight lifting before. 

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Sunday WOD

CrossFit 201 – CrossFit NOTE: Sunday WODS are now SWEAT! Please check our Sweat classes 8, 9 and 10 AM every Sunday View Public Whiteboard

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