Amanda: Consistency over time

What are you doing differently with your exercise? (since starting at 201)

Before I started CrossFit, I did your typical elliptical routine day in and day out. I was a competitive swimmer back in high school and had never done any type of weight lifting before. 

When I started CrossFit 201, I never thought I would be able to lift a barbell, 6 years later, the barbell is now my best friend.  I love getting to see my progress in weight training and doing various gymnastic movements that I never thought I could do.  As I have dialed in my nutrition, I have been able to see how it directly affects my performance at the gym and have become hooked!

What physical changes surprised you the most? (weight loss, muscle gain, visible changes etc)

I have done several cycles of nutrition with Stacey, some where I have been more focused and dialed in than other times. 

This January I did the Reset and took it very seriously and followed all the guidelines.  I felt AMAZING and was able to see changes each week with my body.  My pants started to fit me again and I was able to see the most changes in my stomach.  

And of course, was able to see myself getting more muscle and being able to lift heavier! All of this helped me stay accountable and wanting to continue with counting macros.  

How do you stay on track and committed? 

The things that have helped me the most have been the nutritional challenges at the gym, food prepping, and actually understanding the types of foods I should be consuming on a daily basis.

(Huge thanks to Stacey for all her knowledge, guidance, and willingness to answer questions.)  

The biggest thing I have learned, is that it is about consistency over time.  Enjoy yourself here and there, but continue to build healthy habits which become part of your everyday routine. 

Any advice for someone who wants to start out? 

Joining CrossFit has been the best decision of my life and I have never looked back.  Not only have I gained more self-confidence and self-love through fitness, but the community that comes along with it is one of a kind.  

I can say that I go to the gym some days just to see my 201 family and not even to workout. If you are on the fence, come in and try out a class…you won’t regret it!! 

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