April 25, 2018

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Stacey Marino


I am the proud owner of CrossFit 201 with my husband Michael.

I discovered CrossFit here at CrossFit 201 in January 2013.  It was a very tough Hero workout, and I remember being sore for 3 days after, that I even had to put my long distance running on hold.  it took me another 10 months until I decided to officially start CrossFit training!

I’ve been very active my whole life.  I started dancing when I was 7, and continued that until I was in high school.  I studied ballet, jazz, and hip hop.  In high school, I turned to long distance running.  I would run 30-40 miles a week.  I ran the New York Marathon in November 2013.  Right around that time is when I started CrossFit.

My flexibility, mobility, and endurance definitely helped me with my CrossFit training.  I loved bodyweight workouts and anything that involved running.  I was very weak, however.  I never did any sort of real weight training, so I was determined to get strong and not let that discourage me from CrossFit.

I learned from experience that strength and skill take a lot of time and practice.  There are so many things to work on in CrossFit, so many things to get better at.  The beauty in that is that you get better and better every day.  You surprise yourself!

This is what I love about coaching.  You get to know all the athletes in you gym and what they are capable of.  When they hit a new PR, get their first pullup or muscle up, do their first real pushup, that is the most satisfying feeling in the world for me as a coach.  Watching people push themselves every single day, setting goals for themselves, and achieving them makes it all worth it.

I put my heart into training, coaching, and making CrossFit 201 the best box in New Jersey because this is my life and what I believe in.  It gives me a direction and purpose every single day.  It make me stronger, mentally and physically and I am able to share that with everyone who walks through my doors.

I am here to be an inspiration, lead by example, practice what I preach, but most of all: love the process.

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