April 25, 2018

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John Khanjian

John Khanjian was a high school wrestler and he was fitness conscious years before discovering CrossFit.  His pursuit of a successful training program led him to CrossFit 201 in 2012.  Soon thereafter he found that the benefits of the CrossFit life and journey extend far beyond looking better.  Pushing physical limits, learning new skills, getting stronger and faster, all in a family-like community are things unheard of in a traditional gym setting.

John’s passion and excitement for CrossFit are abundantly clear when he is coaching.  All of our coaches push our members, and the members will tell you, John is definitely no exception!  He won’t settle for less than your best, and isn’t afraid to push you past what you think your limits are.  As a blessed athlete himself, John knows what good movement is, what it isn’t, and how to coach you to be more athletic, smoother, faster, and thus help you become more fit.  He is always happy to work with you on your pull-ups, muscle-ups, or any skill before or after class.  He works to maintain the sense of community in our box and makes it a point to say hello to everyone, even when he’s doing his own training.

John will celebrate with you over a new PR, yell at you when you’re not working hard enough, and make you feel a part of our family.

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