April 25, 2018

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Danny Delgado

Born and raised in New Jersey.  I started to gain interest in the fitness field during my high school years. I played basketball in elementary school thru three years of my high school years. During high school, I wanted to get stronger and faster but couldn’t find the right program. I was introduced to CrossFit by a family member; I was intimidated at first but kept going back for more. After I graduated high school, in 2008, I started to volunteer in coaching class at a CrossFit gym to learn the techniques and gain experience. By 2012 it led me to CrossFit 201, where I decided to take my CrossFit Level 1 course.

Coaching at CrossFit 201, I met great friends that I now know for a few years that push each other every chance we get to train. As a coach, I enjoy watching our athletes push themselves to new horizons, and the excitement they have when they achieve a goal they’ve been working so hard to get to.  I truly believe that CrossFit has made a huge impact in my health and lifestyle and I believe I can do the same for our athletes. Thanks to my CrossFit 201 family.

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